Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fargo, Moisture and Mud.

Despite the somewhat dreary weather, last Saturday was the day of the weekend I had the most time to ride. It didn't rain all day, it was more like a constant light mist. The temps were over 40 deg, and the riding was very pleasant. It was a very calming day. Because of the weather, there were very few people out on roads or trails.

Starting in West Duluth, I headed over the Hwy 2 Bong Bridge to Superior. I have never actually ridden over the bridge, despite having driven over it more times than I can count. This building off to the south has always caught my eye. It's located smack in the middle of the south bay. I have no idea what it does, but I think it just looks cool, especially at night. Once in WS I headed up the shore towards Wisconsin Point, a park that surrounds Allouez Bay. The lake was realitively calm. Little waves steadily lapped at the shore from a light north wind. As few people as there were out in town, there was no one to be seen out here.
I actually descended a hundred feet or so to the shore though ground hugging fog. It was sweet. Proof of moisture.
They are currently salvaging one of the old, unused ore docks along the bay. There were a plethora of photo opportunities here, almost all unfortunately behind fences and large no trespassing signs. I could spend a day just walking around this little area. There was so much old iron and rivets, it was just awesome. The foggy bay behind it made for some really cool views as well. Ore boats. It's hard to fully understand just how big these things are. I think this gives you some idea. It's just huge. This is the ore carrier Walter J McCarthy Jr. It is 1000' long and 105' wide. Damn.After leaving this area I headed out towards the Brule River State Forest. I mostly just tooled around the country roads for a bit, then headed for home. I rode every surface from gravel, pavement and even some ATV trails. It was here that that versatile nature of the Fargo really shined. No matter what was under the tires, it just trucked along. That is until I made the only bad decision of the trek. There was a bit of single track trail running along side of a particularly nice looking stream. Without much of a thought I veered the Fargo onto the path and promptly sunk over the rims in some of the thickest, muckiest mud I've ever seen. The bikes stopped dead, the fenders, fork and frame completely froze up with mud. It was awesome.Using my fingers, boots, and bunches of grass I cleaned the bike off to roll lumpily down the tar trail. I then found a 20' long puddle that was about a foot deep. I just rode through it until the bike was clean. I love fenders.Not too bad all things considered. I was a great ride. I got dirty, the bike got dirty. I got wet, the bike got wet. I had a great time, the bike had a great time. What a good day on the bike.

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Chris said...

Great pics Ben. I especially like the one of the building with stacks and chutes, reminds me of Battersea Power Station pictured on the cover of Pink Floyd's Animals.