Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekend Frostbike Review.

Whirlwind is about fitting for how this weekend played out. We had a great time hanging out with friends, eating awesome food, and ogling new and exciting bike parts. Friday night brought us to our annual meeting after hours at Mike's in Northfield. This is where I started working in the industry. I have a ton of amazing memories in this place, and it's a blast to be able to share that with friends. A huge thanks goes out to Mike and Stew for hosting a great night.

Food by Greeks, a combination of toppings including Gyro and onion, Greek salad, Kosher salami and feta, and sausage and mushroom.
Wide selection of beverages on hand.
Most of the crew. Marty, Guitar Ted, Stew and Mike pictured left to right.
The illustrious Mr Oney.

Monkey Bike madness beginning.All 6'5" of Marty reaching an inevitable end.
The graceful recovery.
Hot lap video following GT on a Pug. Actual laps were much faster than this appears. Blue groove rubber lines were laid before the evening was through. Two spots were even the site of airing out at points through the night. Definitely the fasted indoor riding going on in the county.

That's all from Friday night. It was a hell of a way to start the weekend off. Thanks to all for coming and making the night awesome! Tomorrow I'll recap the show, along with photo highlights of some cool upcoming products. Cheers.

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Guitar Ted said...

Ha! My wife saw the video and said, "Such juveniles!"

Not bad for a guy my age, eh?