Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Frostbike Product Highlights.

Frostbike offers a mid year exhibition for companies to release new products. This year was no exception. I'll say that there was not anything I would consider earth shatteringly new shown, but there are some seriously nice things coming out soon. Due to a mediocre camera, (I'll admit it may have been the operator,) and some pretty poor lighting, it was hard to get good photos of everything. Here are some notable favorites from the show though.

In addition to a totally new website, three Ti bikes, and the new Vaya, Salsa Cycles has some really nice accessories and some unique forks coming out this year.

There are a few new colors out for Salsa accessories for 2010. Purple, Pewter, and Orange round out their other offerings. There are two new forks of note from Salsa this year. One is a 20mm thru axle version of their Cromoto Grande fork! This uses a Maxle 20mm QR and should really make for a nice riding, precise handling fork for your 29er. The other fork is the Enabler, a 135mm adventure for that is suspension corrected. Want a fat front without compromising handling? Here's your answer. this fork comes with Fargo braze ons for versatility as well.
Also shown are the new cargo holders from Salsa. These are meant to hold small stuff sacks as you see here. They were early prototypes, I'll have more info on these as I can get it. Very cool stuff indeed.
This is a working prototype, from production tooling, of the new alloy rear rack. Side coverage is really nice for keeping looser bags out of the way. They are really adjustable, with easy to use fitment on most bikes.
Here is a working prototype of an ultra light low rider rack system. These were pretty cool, and would be nice with a set of really light minimalistic bags up front. Slinky. Homemade salsa in the background. It was good.
This rack was my favorite. It is primarily designed for use as a minimalistic front rack, but will mount fairly easily on the rear of most bikes as well. This may be the perfect little rack for the front of a Drakkar, Pugsley, Long Haul Trucker, Vaya or Fargo. There is a platform a little bit larger than an average six pack, and the addition of threaded braze ons around the periphery add another layer of versatility. I'll be getting some of these as soon as they are available. These are also examples of working protos from production tooling. This means that the end racks will look very similar to what you see here.
One of my perennial favorite stems, the Promoto Ti. Shiny, light, strong and sexy. These are some of the prettiest stems Salsa has ever had IMO.

All City Cycles is a new bike and component group from Quality. While their focus last year was on primarily fixed gear and urban type riding, they showed this great looking CX bike at the show this year. SS only with horizontal drop outs with built in chain tensioners, this is one hot looking bike. I love the parts spec on this bike as well. The ultra deep rims from Velocity should be stiff and strong. Laced to a set of All City cartridge bearing hubs with DT spokes, they should be a solid wheelset for just about any type of riding for years. This bike also showed some of my other show favorites from Sram and Avid. After a long wait, Sram has finally released their brake only road levers. They are identical to the older alloy and newer carbon Rival shifters, minus the shifting bits. These are priced competitively and offer much nicer lever feel and ergos than the Cane Creek or Tektro counterparts. Both are in stock now.

Also on this bike are the new Avid Ultimate cantilever brakes. These are going to be cool. They are super stiff and smooth in operation. The same brake also has two settings, wide like a Mafac touring set up, or closer in like a more traditional brake. This lets you choose between power, modulation, aesthetics, and clearance depending on your preference and needs. These will be on par price wise with other premium type brakes, but they offer some obvious advantages.

Sram Force cranks and Ritchey components round out the rest of the build. Really a good looking package I thought.

Civia Cycles also has a growing line for practical, well designed, good looking products. The one that caught my eye the most is the new Bryant. Offered with many options such as both caliper and disc brake mounts, single speed, geared and belt drive dropouts, and full fender and rack mounts, this is a cool bike. They offer a few full bike options as well. This belt drive/Alfine internal hub bike is my favorite. Look for it to retail for about $1680. We should be able to order these soon, give me a call if you are interested. This bike features the new Alfine compatible STI shift levers from Versa, and should make a killer all year commuter. Civia Cycles also offers a growing line of premium and standard fenders in alloy, composite, wood, ad bamboo. A functional, aesthetically pleasing touch for an discriminating commuter, townie or coffee shop rig.
26" townies in several configurations are also offered. These are nicely done bikes are reasonable prices. I'll have more on these in the future as many are not around for purchase yet.
New Sram stuff I'm excited about. 10 Spd barcons. Nice.
The single brake levers. Available in alloy or carbon, these are going to be the cat's meow in road SS brake set ups.
Big purple 1.5" headset from Cane Creek.
Other pretty colors. These are rally nice kit. For the doubters, I do think these are as good as King. Just a matter of personal preference at this point! Gorgeous stuff all around. Note the new color samples of pink and orange. The pink hue is especially nice, very bright.

So there's the recap. There is a bunch of stuff I would have liked to put up here, but I could go on and on about new fun products. Stop by or give us a call if you are interested in anything here, or if you have any questions about more products coming this year. Happy Wednesday.

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Jerry said...

looks like some nice stuff. I really like the direction Salsa has taken. their creativity is refreshing. that enabler fork has me curious.