Friday, February 12, 2010

Fatbike Building.

The project for today. It should be a killer bike.


Jerry said...

did the new color.

Don said...

Care to share the parts list?

Ben said...

Phil Wood BB
Middleburn Cranks 30-20
XT 11-34 Cassette
XT Medium Cage Rear Der
SLX Double front Der
Paul Thumbies With DA Bar Cons
Surly New Offset LM's
XT Rear Hub Surly Rear
King Headset
Thomson Post
Salsa Bar/Stem
BB7's with SD7 Levers
120tpi Endos

All around nice, durable, serviceable parts. It's going to be fun.

coastkid said...

nice build on the pugsley...
pugsleys rock!

frankenbiker said...

Are you ever going to build the "FATgo"?

Ben said...

The Fatgo or a like bike will happen next fall. I'm still trying to figure out what exactly I want to build. I am talking to a few friends about it as well. I'm also considering modifying a Pugsley to fit my exact wants as well, which would be quite a bit less money. So it's still on, but it always was a longer term plan.