Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sunday ride photos.

I was able to get out for a great ride on Sunday. I spent most of my time riding out between Stanton and Randolf. The road surfaces were really covered with ice, but a crunchy layer of snow made traction easy. I only felt a bit sketchy in a few places, mostly when I was going too fast down hill. I haven't ridden that far or fast in a long time though, it felt awesome.It was a bit warmer Sunday than it has been. That said, it was only 6 degrees when I rode home past the First National Bank thermometer. Having ended up with frozen feet on the last ride, I needed to alter my set up. I swapped out the Cranks Brothers pedals and Lake boots for a pair of Wellgo cartridge bearing flats and my Redwing hunting boots. What a difference. I was totally comfortable the whole ride. Being warm at 6 degrees for 2 hours is pretty cool. The looks that people in passing cars give you is pretty awesome!With the weather being so cold, everything kind of shuts down. People just stay inside. Even on a Sunday when most people have off, the town and roads were practically deserted. The cold temps also brought with them beautiful clear blue skies. The photo opportunities were nearly endless. This is the old Waterford Bridge. This is being turned into a pedestrian/bike bridge. They are building a new motor vehicle bridge next to it. The old one will eventually be part of the Mill Towns Trail system between Northfield and Cannon Falls.New bridge structures framing the steaming Cannon River. My ride home met the sun setting over Carleton. It was the perfect end to a great ride.

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Jerry said...

nice pics. what kind of tires are you riding? how well do they work?