Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First DIY Stoves.

After reading on Joe's blog about trail side coffee, I got the bug to look into do it yourself alcohol cooking stoves yesterday morning. After a lot of reading, I decided that the Penny Ultralight Stove was a good design to start with. I'm sure that this will be the first of many, but it seemed like a good place to begin. Full, detailed instructions can be found at the website here. It is easy and very simple to construct. Starting with two Heineken keg cans and a PBR, you simply cut out the necessary pieces, drill the holes, and fit the stoves together. I was really surprised at how elegant the design was, and they appear to work very well. I'll be giving it the first test today at lunch, I just need to fab a pot stand out of some spokes quick. As you can see we made two sizes, several out of the 12 pack keg cans, and one of the larger size. The separate ring you see is the simmer ring, which reduces the heat to the pot. Check it out, and if you can stomach the Heineken, give it a go!


Jerry said...

umm Ben, there's a coffee place next to your shop. just sayin.

of course, in college I bought a pound of whole beans and did not have a grinder. I had to smash the beans with a rolling pin every morning.

way to go macgyver.

Stew said...

So whens the JB weld party? Tonight?

Ben said...

I can't do it tonight, some night this week though. I'll give you a call.