Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Fatbike Dreaming

I've ridden quite a lot outside this winter. I have to say that I'm hooked. I have owned a Pugsley before, and it is truly a kick ass bike. I never did the bike justice and did not ride it to anywhere near it's true potential.

This year I've been riding my Fargo exclusively for winter use. I have the Monocog set up with studded tires, but it has been relegated to around town duty. I love the stable handling of the Fargo on ice and sketchy bits, while the position with the Woodchipper bars could not be better. It's been a blast to fly over frozen gravel, and the bike does ride well on hard pack snowmobile trails. Once the snow gets soft, or if the tracks are not super packed, it lacks the floatation necessary for true winter fun.

This has all lead to what I consider to be the logical conclusion, I need another fat bike. I like the geometry of the Fargo. I also want the bike to be able to share the Epic Designs bags that are coming in early spring. I love the build qualities and ride of the 135 Paul Whub, and new symmetrical 165mm hubs have become available making rear offset of the frame unnecessary. Combining all of these together brings me to this bike, I think Fatgo suits it.


frankenbiker said...

Hell yes!Build it before I do,that would be my ultimate bike.Run ANY tire in exsistance and ride almost anywhere on the planet in any weather.LOVE IT!!

Ben said...

The only thing I can see being an issue there is the 100mm bb shell. It's the one thing I am unsure of on these. I wonder about what the extra q factor will do to my knees. With that exception, you have it about right. Two sets of wheels and you'd be set.