Thursday, January 14, 2010

Epic Designs System Ordered.

One of my goals for this year to do many over night trips locally, and perhaps a few weekend long trips around the area. After hearing glowing reports about Epic Designs bags from many people I trust, I've placed an order for a spring delivery. The Fargo has been a great bike for exploring the area all loaded up. This is the same set up I've ordered on a large Fargo. With few exceptions, this will be my set up for next years touring/commuting/camping. My recent experiments with stoves are just a part of planning the equipment that I will be using. I am still mulling over the idea of various shelter options, cooking kits and food planning, as well as sleeping bag/pad set ups. Clothing I have, and there's not much I need to learn other than simply getting out and using it. There are a plethora of place I can camp within riding distance of either the shop or my home. Before I start to travel elsewhere I want to get to know this area better. The area towards St Peter and Mankato are of particular interesting to me, since I have almost not experiance over that direction.

All of this is as close as I have this year to a New Year's resolution. I want to ride more, as well as just be outside more. This set up is one set in the right direction for both of those goals. It should be a lot of fun.


Butcher said...

Uh Oh! You've got the bug. Look out. I'm interested to see where this leads you.

Ben said...

Thanks for helping me get to this point. I am looking forward to many good things to come of all this.

Also, email me. Coffee needs to be drunk. Cheers.