Friday, December 18, 2009

Totally Sureal.

Yesterday was interesting. I was talking to a guy about some bikes. He was about 65 or so, and was so far as I could see there was nothing abnormal at all. We chatted for maybe 10 minutes about different bikes, mostly the old Walmart vs bike shop discussion. As we were standing towards the front door, mid sentence, the guy started to stagger. He fell back a bit, catching himself in the doorway.

All the years in Boy Scouts kicked in. I started asking him the normal first responder type questions. "Sir, are you alright?" "Are you taking any medications?" "Have you taken any drugs or alcohol?" "Is there someone I can call?" No response. He seemed to be out of it, and I could not get any kind of sign out of him. As I walked back into the shop to grab a chair, he collapsed to the floor.

I ran back to him. He was breathing, but was in the same non responsive state as before. He had not hit his head, so I figured he was stable for the short term. I rolled him onto his back and went to call 911. By this time, he had not been in the shop 10 minutes.

After talking to the operator and getting the emergency response on the phone, services were dispatched. The fire hall is less than three blocks away, and they were here in less than 2 minutes. A fire truck, ambulance, and police cruiser all arrived that quickly. Within minutes, they had the man on a stretcher and took him away. Less than five minutes after they had arrived, they were all gone.

So there you have it. less than 15 minutes had passes since I was causally talking to guy about a Trek 3700. I was left with the most surreal feeling. There was no sign any of it had happened; the downtown was just as quiet as it had been before. The shop was quiet for the rest of the day. I hope the guy was alright. Crazy.

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TGooz said...

Wow Ben, you did good!