Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Potts arrives.

The Potts is here. It's awesome. The fit is spot on. The construction is gorgeous. The build is simple yet high class. Enjoy.


frankenbiker said...

Nice,but after all the hype I was expecting more somehow.Isn't the reach to the brake levers a little long?I experienced this with my woodchoppers.

Ben said...

I think one of the points of this bike is it's understated nature. It's not supposed to jump out at you or scream look at me. I do know what you mean though.

I have not found the reach to be longer than any other dirt drops I've used. In fact, it is a bit shorter than almost all of them. I would try rotating your levers down, rather than the traditional flat hood transition. This brings the tips of the levers quite a bit inward.