Saturday, December 05, 2009

Night Riding.

With winter soundly upon us, riding in daylight is getting harder and harder to do. Last night brought a perfectly clear sky with a brisk 18 deg temp. My wife was disposed with St Olaf Christmas Fest, so I had the whole night to myself.

After feed the cat and myself, I suited up and rolled out. This is the first real amount of snow we've gotten this year, albeit a small one. Once familiar things like ice and street salt are certainly things that take a bit to get used to again. This is my first winter on the Fargo, and it's been a joy so far. The bike's laid back, ultra stable geometry make it the perfect MN winter cruiser. I've set up the bike with two new things recently. A rear rack from Trek will allow me to carry stuff until I figure out the frame bag and accessory items for next year. I already have a few different bags from Trek, and these have worked really well so far. The Trek racks have been completely redesigned for 2010 and are mark ably improved in terms of weight, looks and performance. Set up is now much easier, and they re far more stable than many others in the price and weight range. Even with the bags moderately loaded I hardly notice them back there. It is harder to lift over curbs and such, but just rolling along the extra bulk and weight is almost unnoticeable.

The other addition is a Cane Creek Thudbuster ST. I don't know why I didn't get one of these sooner. In combination with the Selle An-Atomica saddle it's like riding a couch around. I'll definitely be getting one of these for the Big Dummy as well. While seated cruising the seat post moves just enough to take the edge off of stuff. After about 3 hours on it I don't notice it's there except my rear ends like me ;)

Here's one of my favorite photos from the evening. Totally unmarked snow covered the whole parking lot with remarkable consistency. The lighting is exactly how it appears in the photo. It was the perfect culmination of my whole night. Perfect.
The snow was about and inch and a half deep, with a light crust on top of it from being windblown. My tires made an awesome sound crunching through the layer. It was not hard riding at all and I was inspired to play around on the black canvas. I've never had so much fun just cruising around a parking lot. Enjoy.


Christopher Tassava said...

Beautiful! Looks like a ton of fun. What do you have on the Fargo for lighting?

Joe said...

Love the parking lot photos!! Nothing like making the first tracks in fresh powder.

Apertome said...

Beautiful! We got our first snow last night and while it was only 1/4 inch, this morning it was fun riding to work in it. I can't wait for more. I love snow riding!

Love the photos, by the way. You created some great designs in the snow.

Ben said...

I'm having a ball with winter riding so far. There is about 5 inches on the ground outside my house now and it's still coming down. Tomorrow should be a lot of fun running around in the fresh powder.

I am just using a few small lights on the Fargo currently. I have not broken out the big lights year this year. I have a light from Nightrider and one from Dinotte for the heavy night riding. These are really necessary when riding the donor track at night. Most of my riding lately has just been around town though.