Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The first inch has fallen.

We've gotten about an inch of snow so far today, and it continues to come down steadily. This is just the start of what they are saying will be 6-9 inches and blizzard conditions tonight through tomorrow. Should be fun! I'm looking forward to actual snow riding. I prefer to have some snow for winter camping, and it's about that time of the year as well. We're planning a few over night trips to some close by woods, so this will be nice addition to the scenery.

I'll be in the shop all day today waiting for the furnace repair guy to come. It's a balmy 52 in the shop currently, so it's not too bad. It'll sure be nice to get it working again though.

Hope your snow day is good. Take care.


Jerry said...

what is your snow bike of choice? the monocog handled the snow pretty well today. I've got Pugsley on the brain.

Ben said...

I've been thinking about snow bikes lately as well. So far, which is admittedly not very far, I've been riding a lot more than I have in winters past. This new snow has had me thinking about fat tired bikes. I've owned a Pug in the past, and they are in a true class by themselves. Thereare now a few alternatives to just a Surly, but true snow bikes are really the only thing that works in true winter riding situations.

I'll have another one someday, wheels are already turning in my head for a Faribault built snow machine. If and when I have it built it'll be a good one.

Ben said...

Lately I've been loving the Fargo's handling in these conditions. It's been a blast to cruise around on. I'll have to get it out on the trails to see how it'll do on this untracked stuff. I like how stable it is when riding over sketchy type surfaces, and I'm loving the drop bars. I've been dreaming of a drop bar winter bike with pug tire clearance. That might be about perfect I think.

Jerry said...

sounds like a nice ride. speaking of drop bars. I'm thinking I'd like a woodchipper bar for my Kona. let me know when they become available.

What kind of tires are you using on the Fargo?

Ben said...

Woodchippers are on stock and I will have them on Thursday.

I am running Bontrager XDX 2.1's tubeless on Stan's Flow rims.