Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Gravel Tour Recap

Sunday's gravel tour was as good as I could have hoped for. We had a total of 30 riders from all over the Midwest. The day stated off a bit cool, with broken cloud cover. The sun broke through about 45 min into the ride, and the weather cooperated for the rest of the day. The roads were perfect, just tacky enough for there to be little dust. Many had been freshly grated and were near tar hard. All in all the whole day was as perfect as it could have been. The scenery was awesome, the company was the best, the food was great, and I'm sure there will be a lot of memories taken away from the weekend.

Many people need thanking for making this possible. First to Sean and Anna Virnig. Sean's passion for this type of riding and eagerness to share it are key to making stuff like this possible. Thanks to Anna for the wonderful lunch that kept us going up the harder second part of the ride. Thanks to Jim Wellbrock for being largely responsible for the wonderful route and help planning this out before hand. Thanks to my parents and wife Meg for putting together dinner afterward. Finally thank you to everyone who came out and rode. It really wouldn't have been anything without you. Cheers.

For a slide show of amazing pictures from the day check out www.GnatLikes.com Photos from Jason really capture the feeling of the day. More guys will have photos up soon, and I will post links to their pages as well.


Derek said...

Many thanks to you, to Sean, and to both of your families for a perfect day. It was a great meeting you, and well worth the trip from Alexandria.

Looking forward to pictures of the new Steve Potts frame and build!

Ben said...

Derek, it was great to meet you. Glad you made the trip down. My sister lives in Fargo, so I'm acutely aware of what the drive entails! Thanks again.

The Potts will be fun. Hopefully it will be here by the end of next week.

Cellarrat said...

looks like a blast!

Ben said...

Yeah, we'll be doing it again. I've got another 80km route lined up for Monday. The roads are just perfect. Gotta ride as much as possible before the snow.

How's the weather out by you? Are you getting the snow as of late?

Anonymous said...

Be sure to let me know 4-6wks ahead next week..i might be able to bring up a crew.

Ben said...

Will do. This was kind of a short notice thing. After seeing how it all worked out, it will be much better planned and publicized on our part next year.