Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fargos inbound!

With the early response from my bike, coupled with some pretty killer pricing from Salsa on XT speced 2009 bikes, I'll be getting a few Fargos in tomorrow. I have a Medium frameset in stock, and we will be getting a Medium and Large complete for stock as well. These will compliment our inventory of Fisher and Redline 29ers really well. It will also be nice to have bikes available for test rides. If anyone would like, my personal bike is available for more true to form tests. Stop in and I'll show you around the excellent local trails, or point you in the direction of some good gravel. This is one of those bikes you really have to ride to experiance, and it's all good.

Our Redline 2010 order should be arriving soon this week as well. On the truck are a nice compliment of Monocog 29ers, a D440 or two, and Some really nice BMX racing and trick bikes. Christmas is coming, stop in to shop for friends and family or yourself! We offer gift certificates in any amount as well. Let me know if we can get something going for you.

Happy Tuesday.

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Joe said...

Hey Ben! Has Salsa lowered prices for '09 Fargos? I've been thinking about getting a complete sometime. Just wondering if the '09 is a better value than the 2010. If you can... give me a ball park price... either here or by email.

See ya!
Joe in Iowa
josephkisley [at] gmail [dot] com