Wednesday, November 04, 2009


After waiting far too long to buy one, my Salsa Fargo will be here tomorrow. It'll take a bit to build, but here's a preview. I'm excited to say the least. It'll be a few weeks of new bikes here. Stop by and check them out if you can. Cheers.
Also, the debate for parts. Vintage LX/XT or 952 XTR? Discuss.


Joe said...

Nice! That's my next bike for sure!!

MMcG said...


What size does that equate to in the Salsa stock sizes? How tall are you and how did you choose that size?

I'm 5'9" and wondering what size I'd take in a Fargo - thinking a Medium would be correct.

Can you help?

mmcg25 AT gmail DOT com

Ben said...

Mark, I am 6' and I typically ride a 56cm road bike. This bike is a 575mm TT, 18", Medium. I have longer legs than a torso, so I generally prefer shorter TT bikes. This one is about spot on compared to what I've been riding, and I think the size should be about right for me. If you are 5' 9" with standard proportions I would think a Medium would be appropriate. I would look at what road size you usually ride instead of your MTB as a standard, as the Fargo is fit much more road like.
Does that help?

MMcG said...

I usually ride a 54cm roadie.

Ben said...

I would think a medium with a 0mm offset seat post and a 80-90mm stem would work then.

frankenbiker said...

I been thinking about what my next bike will be and I have been leaning heavily in the direction of the Fargo.I am 6'2" and need a flight permit for my reach, so I'll probably end up going with a large.Looking forward to the build,it's always good to see someone else's take on a particular bike;but I'll probably start with the stock setup anyway.

Ben said...

The more I think about it I'll go for a large I think. I'll be easily be able to achieve the same riding position while having more frame room for an Epic Designs bag. I'll keep the Medium as shop stock and may build it later. The large will be here tomorrow and should be built soon. Pretty bikes to be sure.

frankenbiker said...

I ordered mine in large from My LBS yesterday,full XT with a slightly taller gear range on the cranks(like a touring bike)avid mech. discs.Salsa bell lap bars and 2 sets of wheels, 1 with schwalbe big apples and the other with WTB 2.3's.I'll have to rig up some quick rease fenders for when I want to "GoFar".