Saturday, October 03, 2009

Superly Building.

It's still raining, and I'm bored. Saturdays are a bit dangerous in the off season. With only Car Talk and coffee on my plate this morning, my mind has a tendency to wander. The shop purchased a Superfly SS this fall for shop stock. Out of the box from Trek it comes with a stem, headset, frame and fork. Not a bad place to start, but for most people a frame up build can be a little intimidating. At the roughly $1900 price point, the bike offers pretty reasonable performance for the dollar. With wheels and tires in stock and ready to go, I've decided to flesh out the rest of it. The build will be in keeping with the overall theme of nice serviceable parts that don't cost an arm and a leg.

Given the chassis we're starting with, the bike should end up pretty light. Wheels, tires and contact points will be from Bontrager. Crank and brakes will be Shimano XT. Add a Spot chainring and ring guard, we'll be done. All sensible parts at reasonable prices, fairly light weight, and should give reliable performance for many years. Here's a preview picture, I should have it together by Tuesday afternoon. Happy Saturday.


martini said...

You need a nice, light Endless cog for that bad boy.

Ben said...

Yeah, it'll probably getting a Surly though, they just last forever, and I like steel cogs. The rest of it is so relatively light that that shouldn't matter.