Thursday, October 22, 2009

St Olaf CX Race

Jake and I are putting on the St Olaf Back to School cross race again this year with the St Olaf Cycling team. The date is November 8th, and it's going to be another good one. Notable features such as the Sledding Hill run up, and the infamous Pinwheel of Death will be making their triumphant return to MN CX racing. Come on out to race or watch, this is going to be good!


frankenbiker said...

Will Rose Nylan from the Golden Girls br there to cheer you on?

Head Honcho said...

I hope to make it up for this if not the gravel adventure.

Jerry said...

looking forward to the race.

Apparently, Betty's been to town. they taught her to sing Um Ya Ya, the St. Olaf fight song. I saw an autographed picture of her in a downtown business recently.

Ben said...

Huh. News there to me! See you there!

Anonymous said...

Please do describe the pinwheel of death. I wouldn't be able to come to the race but want to know what is the pinwheel as I am sure countless others do as well.

John Leedeman
Ely, Nevada