Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gravel Tour

Everything is on for Sunday. We will plan to leave Dennison MN at 10 am. This is a tentative leaving time, meaning a 10 am roll out. Please be there and ready to go by 10, don't show up at 10 and make guys wait.

People have emailed and asked what to bring for the ride. We will have a lunch, and probably dinner afterward for food. There will be water fill ups half way through the ride, but not before. Basically, if you show up as you would for a non supported club ride you'll be well fed and in good shape. Things like riding snacks and water should be brought, but there will be food for meals provided.

I am needing a head count to get an idea of what to prepare for food. If you are coming or know people who are, please let me know here or in an email. This will help us avoid running out of food or being surprised. Remember, it's Sunday, so an accurate count for purchasing an appropriate number of adult beverages is needed as well.

I hope we have a large turn out. The weather looks to be good, the roads are in great shape, and the colors are still on a lot of the trees. If it all goes like it should, this should be a great little ride! Take care, please let me know of any questions you might have. See you on the dirt!


martini said...

I'm trying to make it up Ben, with maybe another in tow.

Joe said...

Count me in!!! I'll see you Sunday!

Joe in Iowa

Ben said...

Sounds good guys. I think we're at about 10 currently. We'll see.

Anonymous said...


B I D W E L L said...

Sounds fun! Hope to make it!