Saturday, October 10, 2009

Brandon Represents.

Our former shop wrench Brandon has been working out at NASA for some time now. He's made a lot of achievements for someone relatively young and has been doing very well out there. He email me this yesterday.

" So NASA had a chili cook off and Ashley and I decided to make our own recipe and enter, on Wednesday night we made 9 gallons of chili in our small apartment for the cook off on Thursday. Most of the teams knew what they were doing and had done this before. We were rookies, rookies who dominated. Ashley and I did all the cooking and a couple interns helped us run the booth. This just reaffirms my belief that I can bend the universe to my will, I mean who ever thought I'd be in a chili cook off much less win the best five alarm chili award."

Ha! Well put sir. Congrats!


Rude said...
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Johnnymac46 said...

Well done Brandon....but why cant my bike exceed the speed of light yet