Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ugly Helmet Lovin.

So I've been taking my own advice seriously lately. I'm a guy who has a lot of helmets, they just seem to accumulate over the years. It starts with having one nice helmet. After forgetting said helmet between the shop, two cars and home enough times, you buy another. Life is good for a while. You have a helmet at both places, both are nice and fit well, and generally you've got your bases covered. Then you crash; time for a new helmet.

So you buy another helmet, this one being much newer and nice than your old one, you try and bring that with you for those big rides when it counts. Invariably, throughout all of this time passes. As anyone who has worked in the industry knows, helmets should be replaced about 3-5 years just to be safe. My time is up on several helmets.

I have a Lazer Genesis that I just love for serious riding. It's the most comfortable helmet I've ever worn, mostly due to their lack of weight and a superb fit system. What I'm really looking to replace is the helmet used for Big Dummy cruising and grocery getting. Most of my riding is going to be done after work, in the dark for the next 5 months. I'm a big fan of lights for crash avoidance, and because I like blinking, it's fun.

So, which helmet did I pick? Here you go. In all of it's dorktastic glory, the Lazer Urbanize Night in Racing Stripe Blue!Alright, polarizing I know. This is bike geek taken a little too far. Your eyes may be bleeding I know. I gotta say though, it's really growing on me. I'm not one to think that I'm looking good anyway carrying furniture on a wheeled Christmas tree of a bike at night anyway. What's an ugly helmet going to hurt? Much like the other Lazer helmets I own, this one is down right comfortable.The helmet is really eye catching, both because of it's used soap bar lines, it's bright color with racing stripes, and the flashing lights at both ends. The fit is excellent, with tons of room even with my large German squash of a head. Putting various winter accouterments and paraphernalia on under this will be no issue here at all.So there you go. My ugly helmet confession is complete. I'll let you know how it all works out, and whether I'm pulled from the bike in a public display of fashion rejection, at least I'll be seen.


Joe said...

I like it!

Jerry said...

the shape, the color, the racing stripe. maybe you need to start riding a recumbent.

Ben said...

I suppose I deserve that.