Friday, September 11, 2009

Quick Helmet Review.

So I like it. I know it's ugly, but I like it. The lack of vents on the top center of the helmet make it noticeably warmer than my Genesis, which is to be expected. Given that I'm really looking for this to be a colder weather helmet, that should be a nice thing. I like the lights on it a lot. People that looked at it commented on what a nice feature that was, (usually after that laughter stopped.) Still, after riding on busy streets though traffic, I felt like I was more visible. All in all, I'm happy. The parts of the helmet that make it look funny translate to well thought out design from a riders perspective. I'll post a bit more after I've ridden it a while, but it's all good for the ugly helmet so far. Happy Friday.


frankenbiker said...

Darn, that other guy beat me to the recumbent comment.Maybe you could glue an eagle off of the top of an old trophy to the top as a tribute to old sheldon.

Jerry said...

we need pictures. not of the helmet, but you wearing the helmet.