Thursday, August 20, 2009

Surly Steamroller, Milltown Style

I like single speeds. I like riding single speeds on dirt. I like riding single speed on the road as well. Whether you're a single speed die hard, or someone just starting out, you owe it to yourself to own at least one Surly. As with all of Surly's products, the Steamroller offers a ton of value for the dollar. They offer frames that can take up to a 38c tire, or smaller tires with fenders, (clip ons.) The steel frames ride really well, and it offers clean, classic lines.

A few years ago Surly started offering complete bikes. These are speced with what I consider to be really smart parts. Universally they offer reliable components, great wheels, and really great performance for the dollar. The Steamroller is a perfect example of that. Surly hubs laced to nice rims, a decent bar/seatpost/stem combo, and other nice parts round out the build.

There have been an increasingly large number of people around here actually starting to ride fixed gear bikes outside of town. These usually represent semi serious roadriders looking for a little something different with their training, or enthusiasts just looking to mix things up a bit. While the Surly spec on the bike is really a good base for running around town, I've always recommended two brakes for extended fixed gear riding. While your front brake offers the majority of your stopping power, having the rear as a drag as you're going downhill tired can be a lifesaver.

So here it is, how we think a Steamroller should be set up. This is a perfect bike to run around the coffee shop or brewery loop Saturday, lay down a nice 30 miler on Sunday, and get you to work Monday morning.Standard issue Surly Tuggnut.
Traditional TT cable guides.
Had a good breakfast this morning while looking over the new 2010 catalogs. What's that frame in the background? ;)


James said...

Is that the Superfly?

Love the comments on Fixed Gear on the Road....


Ben said...

Yup, that'd be it. It's hanging in the window now. More specifics later, but I am quite impressed. For the money, it is quite a frame set.

Cellarrat said...

really like your tweaks to the build! Spot on steamroller.

Ben said...

Thanks for the compliments Dave. I hope she finds a good home. It's a really nicely set up bike for the money. Everything a guy needs right there.