Thursday, August 06, 2009


The first Milltown Wednesday Night Social was a great success. We had about 15 people down here for a few hours of good beer and wine, chicken and sirloin kabobs from the bike shop gourmet, ogling new bikes from Salsa and parts from SRAM, hot laps with the canoe laden Big Dummy, and other general tomfoolery!

There was a lot of prep work that went into last night. First off, Curtis and I have been sorely disappointed with our grill of late. Despite thorough cleaning, it's just not cutting it. With kabobs on the menu, and as any serious griller knows,charcoal was in order. Thankfully Ace Hardware is about 3 blocks away. The store didn't have any Weber grills in a box. No matter for the Big Dummy. One strap on the Wideloaders and a 40lb bag of charcoal on the other and that was it. Got some looks on the way back, it was good. I love this bike. I wanted people to be able to try out the canoe system. Turned out it was also a good way to get a bike, a Coleman cooler, and an old rocking chair down to the shop. The ride from Northfield in the morning was a bit slow to say the least. Every hilltop made me feel like Superman though! There's just something satisfying about hauling around a whole bunch of stuff. The whole ride I had people hanking and waving, a lot of thumbs up along the way. There were quite a few open jawed stares as well.
Dinner and beverages were passed out when people arrived and it was a nice relaxing night. All in all I'm quite happy with how everything turned out. Unless something changes, I think we'll be doing this for some time. We hope to see you next week if you were unable to make it this time. Same gig, 6-10pm at the shop. Curt and I will be serving up a bone in ham on the grill. Should be another good one. Cheers.


frankenbiker said...

You must be becoming a regular where's waldo around town. People are going to start looking for you to see -What is he hauling today?! Glad to hear that the first Weds. night social was a success.

Ben said...

I did show the Dummy to 2 people today who said that they saw me yesterday. Kind of funny I think, we're just doing things we consider to be normal!