Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rawland Sean Rocking Leb.

Here's a fun video Sean sent me from a recent club ride at Leb. Sean is riding a proto Drakkar fixed 44x17 on 650b's with Quasi Motos, front brake only. I really like helmet cams. I think a side mount eye level may give a more rider perspective view though. Would be fun to play with for sure though.

Also, a nice package from Salsa arrived today. Look forward to some killer pics tomorrow. Stop by if you can't wait!


frankenbiker said...

Nice log hops on that fixie, Sean's got skills,except for that fellow club member that he plowed over,LOL!Was he ok?Nice trail by the way,it looked fast and dry.

Ben I'll get back to ya about the 36er if I come up with the money/wifes permission to justify another single speed.I already have three,two of which are fixed-one mtn. one road and a 29er

Ben said...

Yeah that happens to the best of us. Guy stops really quick in front of you, and you're on a big gear fixie. Happens. He was totally fine. Just a bump really.

Sean really is a sleeper. The guy looks all nice and innocent, then he'll rip your legs off! All in good fun of course. A serious contender to be sure.

I'll be here when you're ready to take the leap. You should come up and ride with us sometime, then you can actually try one out for real. Cheers.

frankenbiker said...

Ben I would love to head out there and ride with you,except for the fact that Fairbault is about 800mi. and a 13hr drive from my lovely abode here in Hiram Ohio.

Ben said...

Ah, there's plenty of reasons to come up here. Maybe in two years when the Big Wheeled Ballyhoo returns. The Salsa 24, Gnome Fest, Surly's Homey and many others come to mind as well.