Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Week in review.

So, a lot of photos. We went camping on Sunday at Big Woods State Park in Nerstrand MN. This was the inaugural trip for Curt's 1978 Volkswagen bus with the Westfalia camper package. It rocks. We knew that the night was going to bring rain, so we came adequately prepared with cards. Big Woods is a relatively small park, though it's just gorgeous to hike around. Being a Sunday night, we had the whole place to ourselves. There were only three other campsites filled, which made for a really quiet night. The camp office is closed, so we had no way to buy firewood. Seems odd to me that they would use the honor system to pay for a $22 campsite, but not $3 worth of firewood. Curtis and I walked around to all of the vacant sites and were able to scrounge up enough wood for a respectable fire. I think we'll be spending a lot of Sunday nights like this.

So this was the set up.

The little white box, the smaller relative of G-Ted's little blue box, and the bus share a spacious site. Here are the digs such as they were.
Dinner and beverage, (shush, no alcohol in state parks in MN!) Kielbasa from the superb Nerstrand Meat Market, one onion, two potaotes, and a yam.
It really was a perfect evening.
Hidden Falls in the park.

Tuesday night we had a great ride after work. Though dry, the trails are in great shape. Before.
Almost to the Nature Center. We're now able to be on dirt 3 blocks from the shop.
Straight River bridge.
Teepeetonka Park single track.
Some gravel for good measure.

135mm WHUB and Pofahl fork. More on this later, but it's awesome.
Freedom meets razor wire.

First overlook.

Playing on rocks.

The lupines are in fill bloom. The sights and smell are just heavenly. They are just everywhere.

A great night and a killer ride.

Today I got to play with the truck. I needed to get two 8' sections of laminated 1/2" plywood to the shop for some bathroom work. Since they are both longer than either of our cars can fit, it was a perfect excuse to ride the Dummy and trailer to work. Seen in front of Goodbye Blue Monday, it still fits legally in the parking spot. It got rave revues for the stellar parking job.
Securing the load with Eric. He gets credit for these next shots.

Off to work!
The ride took about 20min longer than my usual 50min or so. I think that's rather good considering the 35psi 2.4" tires, and a 35lb trailer with 50lbs of ply! Happy Wednesday.


jkeiffer said...

More on the 135mm fork and Gordo combo please. Is it on your Blackbuck now?

Ben said...

The fork is in the OS pictured. I really do like it. The handling on the bike is really precise. There is no perceivable wheel flex. This is the lighter of the two 135mm wheel builds I have. I have a 36 Gordo laced with 14g spokes. This should be even stronger than the one I am riding now. The fork is rather stiff, as this particular one will eventually end up in a 29er Pofahl tandem. I am currently having a much lighter weight fork built that will be vastly lighter and more compliant than this one. So far I am very impressed. Just for the sake of wheel strength I would go this route in a heartbeat. I think that it makes perfect sense, and it looks really nice to boot. As my wrist is still rather painful, I'm pretty much done riding it for a while. Curtis will be riding it extensively in the next few weeks, and will chime in when he's got more time on it.

jkeiffer said...

Cool, thanks for the details. I have a 650B OS frame that I run with the stock Dimension fork it came with and a 29er wheel. I have been contemplating getting a Gordo wheel build for it. I just not sure if a Gordo with WTB WW with tube, would ride better than my current Flow wheel tubeless with a Resolution on it... Not sure if I should spend the money for an effectively heavier wheel.

Ben said...

I can't say that I would recommend a Gordo build to be specifically paired with the Weirwolf. While I do really like what the Gordo does to tires, the Weirwolf has never been my favorite tire. I love the sheer size of the tire, but I feel it really lacks adequite cornering traction in many situations. The Gordos really shine, in my opinion, when used with any tire that has side lugs to take advantage of the added sidewall support. I've found that anything more aggressive than an Ignitor works very well on Gordos. The stiffness the rims provide is also impressive, adding yet another important plus to an already killer set up. They are really confidence inspireing. I really do recommend the rim, just maybe not specifically to use this tire on. If your happy with your tire, trying it tubed on a Gordo at the same pressure could be a very different feel for you.