Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Start of a busy week.

Today starts a big week. Meg and I have a meeting with a small business adviser today. Discussing plans for changes to the shop, as well as large changes on the horizon are in order. While it's always exciting to talk about the future, it is a little daunting to think about things large and seemingly so far away.

Tonight we are also starting the demo on our bathroom at home. This will certainly be a project, and as it's the only bathroom in the house a bit of an important one. The pressure is really on to get it done promptly and correctly. If there are any delays we'll be showering at my parent's house. An minor inconvenience to say the least. We need to replace all of the walls and tile surrounding out bath tub. Over the years the sheet rock has gotten water damage. When I touched a funny looking tile a couple of weeks ago, it fell into the wall. Oops. So yeah, demo tonight, plumber tomorrow for new fixtures, new Durock walls up tomorrow night, and hopefully tile finished before the weekend. Adding all of this to being rather busy at the shop, and I should be sleeping soundly for at least this week!

All things considered, it's going to be a good week. I am looking forward to having a working shower again, and to starting some other large house projects. The bathroom is the first step there, and should go rather well. For all of the mess it's going to make, it's actually a pretty easy thing to accomplish.

After taping my wrist and eating a lot of pain meds, my arm is getting back to normal. It still hurts, so I'll be lucky if I am able to even commute in this week. It may be a good week to be so busy anyway, as my riding this week was going to be pretty limited as it stands. Happy Tuesday, hope you can get out and ride!


Guitar Ted said...

I will be thinking of you and Meg in regards to the possibility of this big change. That's a huge deal.

Very busy down here and June is going to be tight. Man! I hate that I'm so busy sometimes.

Take care!

Ben said...

Thanks Mark, it'll be good.

I hear you on being busy. I have two weddings this month, then the July 4th bike race after that. It's going to be a good month!