Monday, June 15, 2009

Big Dummy rack v1.0

Here it is, the Big Dummy bike rack version 1.0. This was a somewhat rushed execution of the setup. I am missing one piece for the rear mount, so this is a bit half assed. It worked wonderfully, so the proof of concept is there, I just need to get the proper parts. The rack is a simple tray mount system from Rocky Mounts. It mounts using their hardware to a set, (I need one more,) of cheap 1" threaded quill stem extenders from JB Island. Simply slide this unit into the Wideloader mounts on the frame, tighten the two 6mm bolts, and you're good to go. Cheap, secure and easy. It's awesome.

Garnering many looks from passing motorists, here's what I looked like going down the road.


Anonymous said...

Build a camper on that railer and sell your house!

Ben said...

Wait until you see the canoe!