Tuesday, May 12, 2009


It's been a good day of work today. I was down at my father's garage this morning at 6:30 putting a new set of tires on the racing Volkswagen. This car, has been all over in the past month. Two trips to Fargo, one to Iowa to see Mark, and today it's going to head up to Duluth. That's a lot of driving for me. Looking at the tires we took off, I really think that I should have changed them out long ago.

Along with wheels, tires are one of my big things to like. Be it on a car, motorcycle, or bike, tires can drastically change ride feel, handling, and comfort. Often I'll recommend that a person has at least 2, possibly 3 sets of tires. They are the easiest way to tailor a bike to riding conditions, and the cost is usually minimal as compared to the cost of the bike in general. On the car is a similar thing. In MN, a set of good 3 season tires combined with a set of winter tires is the cat's ass when it comes to safely traversing the frozen tundra of upper Midwest roads.

As on the bike, these tires are a pretty phenomenal change from what was on there. Cabin noise is much quieter, the suspension feels like it's actually working, and cornering is much improved. The car is so much nicer I'm genuinely surprised. I knew it would be better, but this is awesome.

All of these things will be a big help on the way to Duluth today. This will be a business specific trip, no time for mucking around. I'm heading up to see my partner in crime Jake. Our annual Fourth of July Criterium is coming up, and there's a lot to be done. By now we pretty much know what to expect, and a lot of the stuff to be covered are just formalities at this point. We need to discuss things like volunteer coordination, food, race fliers and the like. It'll be good to see Jake, and I am excited to line everything up for the race.

For those of you around the area, or for those looking for a good time on the Fourth, we are looking for both spectators and volunteers for the race. Let me know if you're interested in coming to town to hang out, or to help. This is regarded by many to be one of the best road races in the state of MN. We've doing our best to live up to that reputation started by Andy Dahl. This year should be the biggest yet, and will be the 10th year of it's running. We're stoked, it's going to be awesome.

All for now. Take care.

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Guitar Ted said...

Gimme 4 tires and a track bar adjustment. I'm loose in the corners. (Ha ha! Sorry about the NASCAR reference!)

Apologies also for the non-call. I am still going over the thing in my mind. I think I am getting a clearer picture though, and will be calling you soon.

Good luck with the race prep and have a safe trip. Unfortunately, I checked the calendar and my wife is on-call that weekend. Some other time then....