Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Joining the Big Dummy Nation, and a new fork standard.

We welcomed a new member to the Milltown family this week. After rocking the Xtracycled Klunker all last summer I really saw a purpose in stepping up to the Big Dummy. The stability, stiffness, and overall handling are so markedly improved over the conversion it's nuts. The idea of buying the right tool for the job really is exemplified in the design and execution of this bike. Needless to say, this thing rocks. The Big Dummy is pretty much stock at this point, though there will be significant changes made to bring it to where I want it to be. The complete bike is speced really smartly though, with component choices that are classic Surly. The build of mostly LX and SLX parts speaks of frugality and functionality. Nicer bits like Surly's fabulous Mr Whirly cranks and no nonsense XT/Gordo wheels really round out the build.

Surly has this to say about the bike.

"The Big Dummy was a natural. It's designed to carry a lot of stuff easily, and that's just what it does. It was designed in conjunction with Xtracycle, whose modular plug-ins make it easy to carry groceries, garden supplies, tools, and just about anything else you'd normally carry with a car. It's got an upper limit of 400 pounds (180kg) total rider and cargo weight, which is more than you'll probably need, but not so much it's impossible to pedal. It does ride a bit different than normal bikes, due in large part to its long wheelbase, but a couple of trips to the store is all it should take to convince you that this bike is not only exceptionally useful, but fun too. Surly includes Xtracycle's V-Rack bags and snapdeck, but more options for attachments are available."

That about sums it up. I'm excited

I got this in from Mr Pofahl. The 135mm front fork is finally here. As the bike it will live on has been out on loan for a while, I was not really in a hurry to get it. It's a great piece of steel though. There's just something really nice about a very black, well built fillet fork. I'm really excited to get this in the bike and up and running. The bike will be coming home tonight, so I'm thinking a build for tomorrow.
Dimensions are 435mm with 46mm of rake.
Just nice, really smooth unicrown.
This will be fun to look at! The tire is about 60mm at the casing on the Gordo. All for now, happy hump day.


Joe said...

Hey cool... Welcome to the club!

Dylster said...

...and/or the Cult...of Dummy! We love it in here!

Ben said...

Thanks for the welcome! It's good to be here. This has been a long time coming, and it's probably the most sensible geek bike I've owned yet. I started the parts swapping today with a new set of offroad tires on order. I'll put some pictures up of those when they arrive. I have to order a Bikes At Work trailer hitch for this bike as well. We've already begun planning trailer mods to take advantage of the new bike as well.