Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Mini Racer

I've always thought that minis are cool. This year's Flight series from Redline takes that to another level of awesome. What a cool bike for a little shaver to run around on. This bike weighs nothing, and has looks that'll kill at the track, or just around the block. At around $600, these are not inexpensive bikes. Compared to a lot the other activites such as dirt biking or hockey, $600 is down right reasonable. Red and white go fast, this thing is built for speed.

Happy Thursday. Thoughts go out to Guitar Ted and all of the participants of Trans Iowa this weekend. Here's hoping for just bad enough weather to make it fun, and for a safe trip for all.


MMcG said...

Sick Bike!

But how about hockey in the winter and BMX in spring and summer to make for a well rounded Minnesota Kid!



Ben said...

People race BMX indoors here in the winter! Problem solved. My kids will be playing hockey on ponds and ice rinks on our public schools. Organized stuff is so expensive these days it's just ludicrous.