Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Bike Shop Gourmet, Episode One.

We've grown weary of late of the normal food from home or sandwich fare available downtown here. Sure, you can get really good Mexican food, or a nice steak from down the street, but that'll run you quite a bit for two people. Working with the meager cooking setup we have, namely a toaster oven and a microwave, we are going to start some new experiments into just what kind of food we can cook while really not trying at all. Here's where the magic happens, for now. Last night's repair party was the first attempt of this new paradigm. It was a bold first step, Salmon steaks, asparagus and green onions. A little garlic salt and some olive oil were the only condiments, as we want to keep this as simple as possible. A simple foil pack held everything together, and in it went at a marked 400 deg for about an hour. It was perfect! Paired with a nice Fat Tire, some good music for ambiance, the new couch seating, and we were set. Eating like kings with little to no effort, and for $11.29 for the two of us. Hard to beat Subway prices for a hot meal like that.We are going to be expanding our efforts this week with the addition of a true size gas grill out back, with the later addition of a full charcoal grill for long roasts and ribs. I'll keep you updated as we progress on this most needed and notable change in bike shop behavior! On the menu today, Parmesan stuffed pork chops. Presentable serving plates to come soon. Cheers.


Head Honcho said...

Nice! Looks delicious.

Ben said...

It really was. I think we'll bring the real grill down tomorrow and do something yummy up. Being Saturday, I think an event is in order.