Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rainy Day Photo Dump

Introducing the Pofahl.
Yesterday was a killer ride. It was just hard enough to hurt, just long enough to be a good workout, and just dry enough to actually ride. It was just in time too. We have gotten almost an inch of rain already today, with rain/snow mix to follow this afternoon. I'm glad I was able to get out when I did.
I have to say that this bike rides better than I had ever hoped it would. Even with the rather severe bar to saddle height, it was comfortable and responsive. I didn't get a sore lower back, and was able to ride the "technical," (I use this term relatively,) sections without any issues. In short, it's a ripper.
I was also surprised at how well the brakes functioned with proper levers. They are Suntour XCD roller cams. The bike had XTR STI shifters/brake levers on when I got it, and the braking was atrocious. With one or two fingers I was able to control my speed rather well.
No it's not period, but it does work amazingly well, (and it's pretty.) Sachs front der to XTR 950.
Pepperman graffiti for Jason!
Some fun close ups from the ride. Old state prison fence posts. More of the like to come.

Tunnel o'youngin' art. Found a few picnic tables in there once.
Trail work before....
...after. The tree still there is the best I could do without tools. I'll go back with a saw and really clean it up. The other tree was put into the woods about 25ft behind me in the picture.
Old railroad bed. Big ring fun every time!
Really fun off the map single track.
Entrance to the river bottom trails. A bit of sand, a bit of rock, some trees, it's got just about everything. I had a riot, it was great.


Guitar Ted said...

That bike is waycool Ben. I haven't seen that model Roller cam before. Very different from the ones I have, which are the Sun Tour with the concave divots up the arms.

Ayway, it's cool that the bike is so fun for you and that you are out in the dirt. Shop looks great too.

It's a busy time for all, but a ride like that does wonders.

Ben said...

The brakes are a little odd. I haven't found really any info about them at all. Most I've gotten is that the XCD group they were a part of was pretty rare. Not necessarily good or anything, but rare.

It was really a day to ride. We got 20 new bikes in and built yesterday in addition to repairs, and then it snowed. Riding when I did was definitely a good idea.

I'll be getting back to you soon about that other thing, but I really like it so far!

Joe said...

Hey Ben! The bike is even cooler in person. Love the color!

Joe in Iowa

Ben said...

Yeah, it's a little more mustard in person. I really like the color a lot. A solid choice.

Ben said...
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