Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pofhal detail shots.

The paint is a little lighter blue in person. It's hard to show, but the bike has a great pearl clear coat that really make is shine.
Nice little seat cluster.
Clean dropouts.
I like the brake routing a lot.
BB shell detail.
The white front has seen the most abuse, but still looks pretty good for a bike of this age, with this much riding done on it. Back to it, enjoy the pictures.


MMcG said...

How old is the bike? Fillet brazed or Tig welded?

Complete bike shots??

Ben said...

Bike is a 95-96. Fillet brazed. I'll post s shot when I'm done with the whole repair, There's a shot below of the bike in the stand though.

blackmountaincycles said...

Beauty! That's a nice candidate for crossing the derailleur cables under the d/t. You'll keep the housing from rubbing that spot on the fork. But I see only a single ring in front so that should be cable, singular.

Ben said...

That's what I was thinking on the routing. I'm getting to that today. I decided to take a break from the bike after having it out with the front tire and the Vantage rims. I really dislike these! The bike is going single ring, as he's never used the big or little since coming back from out west years ago. Should look nice and clean, making a really simple bike all the more so. I really like this bike a lot, it's a beaut.

Guitar Ted said...

Ahh! Vantage Pros? Those make for really fun flat repairs. I have a set on SunTour XC pro hubs around here somewhere.

Ben said...

Yeah, Vantage Pros. I got a little cheeky with the front tire on Saturday. I'm pretty sure I wrecked the bead. On of those things I've walked away from for a bit. I'll have to get on it today.

Let me know if you want to get rid of those XC Pro hubs. I want to rebuild the yellow Pofahl Period correct, and I'm having trouble finding some. That and a rear der. (I'd let you keep the rims!) Cheers.