Monday, February 09, 2009


Well no running today. I've been up since the wee hours this morning with a killer headache and a bit of a fever. I'm currently on my third liter of jasmine tea from my Wurzburger hofbrau stein and I'm feeling much better. It's been one of those days though. I had hoped to get a good long, slow ride in today, but the weather was downright Denmark out, 38F and steady rain. Should make good for clearing the roads of sand and salt though. The sun did come out this afternoon for a while, which was really nice.

I don't feel bad enough to be bed bound, but doing much other than laundry and watching movies has not been in the cards. It's been a good mixed day of movie genres. I started the morning with the classic Clint film, "Hang 'em High," followed by an inspiring showing of "Klunkerz." Currently the "A New Hope" is rounding out the afternoon. Not a bad day, but I could think of a ton of other stuff I'd rather be doing.

All in all though it hasn't been a bad day. I've been catching up on laundry, I unclogged a drain, and cleaned the kitchen. It was my day off anyway, and with the weather I didn't miss much outside of the house, but chores would have been a bit more pleasant without my eyes wanting to come out of my head.

Oh well. A big day at the shop tomorrow, I need to start packing all the tools from the wall in preparation for sanding the floor this week. Prepping for the job has taken on a whole new level of work, as my three friends now are not going to be around to help. Two of them have taken jobs out of state and Brandon landed the big one. He is currently working at a paid internship for NASA at their Ames Research Center in CA. He's working under the scientist who is responsible for the worlds largest wind tunnel. I always thought he should end up at NASA. Looks like his hovercraft building ways have landed him in the right spot! Google Earth Ames Research Center, it's pretty damn cool! He called me the other day from the driving range the other day, reporting a calm 65 deg and sunny. Oh well, it's coming soon enough here.

All for now, have a good week all!


klunkerbill said...

Hey There,
Glad you liked the flick, but it's Klunkerz with a "Z"
Please help spread the word.
Ride on,

klunkerbill said...

P.S. Hope you're feeling better. I'm on the chicken soup and tea right now, too:).

Ben said...


A real pleasure to hear from you. The film is awesome. Truly a work of art, especially for us younger guys who were not around then. Sorry about the spelling, it was one of those days.

The man who owns the bike shop I started working at 10 years ago was out in Marin and rode with the guys out there. He was there on many of the days that the videos from your movie were shot. He has a whole bunch of pictures and things like Repack and Appetite Seminar posters from then as well. He worked at Mike's Bikes back in the day, and we kind of grew up hearing stories about repack and the like. If you're ever in MN, it's a short drive south to his shop in Northfield. I'm sure you'd enjoy the visit.

Cheers, Ben.

klunkerbill said...

Hey Ben,
Sweet! I'd LOVE to see some of those old shots. Each picture seems to say so much about how different cycling, and life, was back then. What's his name? Did he go to H.S up there? I spent some time at Mikes in San Rafael, but I went to school in Novato, just to the North. And remember...last one on the brakes wins!

Ben said...

That is the shop he worked at. He grew up in Wisconsin, so I doubt you'd know him from school. Do you have an email address I could write to you at. I don't want to write his contact info up here out of respect. Cheers,