Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shop redo part two.

Work on the shop continued at a frantic pace last week. The big project started on Tuesday. We shut down the shop for three days and busted ass getting stuff done. It was chaos for a while there. In the end, it all came together with much help from friends, a ton of great food and coffee, and some beer for relaxing after the 10 plus hour days. We took over 1 ton of material out of the shop to the Recycle Center and Construction Landfill. It's probably the biggest change to the building in over 50 years. That's all for now on that issue. There is some organizing and painting to do, then I'll have a huge picture post to show what's all been done.

Work continues to progress with Sean and Anna on next years Rawland bikes and accessories. I have to say, there's some stuff coming that should blow you away! I am totally excited, and there will be a ton of really happy people once these come down the pipe.

It's been bitterly cold up here in the last few weeks. We've had temps ranging from 26 degrees to -24 degrees, sometimes only seperated by a day! We had a fifty one degree swing in one day last week! That was nuts.

I've set up a Monocog as a dedicated winter bike. I finally broke down from cabin fever and bought a set of Nokian 29er studs. Holy crap! I was skeptical before getting them, but am totally sold on how these things work. They've really let me ride without most of the fear of wrecking myself on the hard ice we're known for 'round here. I'll be writing a full report on these later in the week, but they have really been a lifesaver.

Meg and I have been enjoying a few days up in Duluth visiting her aunt after all of that mess from last week. I am going back to work tomorrow to patch a few nail holes in the plaster, then we'll prep for paint. There is a few more things to do, including some intensive floor cleaning. Yay, mopping! It is all coming together rather well, and is turning out better than I had hoped.

So, take care for now, stay warm, and We'll have pictures and updates on a lot of things in the coming days here.


Guitar Ted said...

Congrats Ben! It always feels good to make progress and I am sure that the shop will be much better for all of your efforts.

Also I am happy that your talents are being put to good use at Rawland. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of your ideas.

Ben said...

Thanks Mark, it's been a long time in coming let me tell you!

Rawland has been a really great adventure, one that I am confident will continue for many years to come. It's been a blast.

Johnnymac46 said...

I would only hope that you used a sledge hammer. I will critique your work when I come home next.