Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Candy

Brandi from Industry Nine sent me these images of their flanged hubs to tide me over while I wait for mine. These use the same bearings and drive mechanism as their aluminum spokes wheels. They are sure to be great performers, and should round out my new wheel set really well. Enjoy.


Guitar Ted said...

Ha ha! When you mentioned these I-9 hubs I didn't put together that they were the "traditional flange" type hubs. I'm a bit thick headed sometimes!

I suppose your other news had me all in a tizzy though. ;-)

This is great, I think. Can't wait to get some sometime myself.

Ben said...

Yeah, I am getting a black SS rear to mate up with a Gordo to match the lighter front Paul 135mm set up. It should be about the perfect wheelset for what we'll call Project P.