Friday, November 07, 2008

Project updates

Well we're doing pretty well here at shop this week. Irregardless of whom you voted for, everyone has to be happy that all that mess is over with. Personally, I think the better man won, but we'll leave it at that. Here's hoping that the new administration can bring people together and actually get something of value done for the country.

It's been a while since I've updated everyone on the latest projects to come out of the shop. The addition of a Rohloff bike has been probably the biggest one lately. I have lusted after a Rohloff hub for years now. This has, not helpfully, coincided with my near full transition to SS mtb's. I haven't had a geared mtb for a long time now. I do not count the 36er geared or my Rawland geared as true mtb's, as I do not ride them as such. The fact that I have no real need for one has been the biggest obstical to overcome. It's hard to justify a $1400 hub when you don't like riding gears all that much. Things have changed a little bit from then.

This is a picture of the current set up. I can tell you that this is not the intended purpose for the wheel, nor will it be in the bike for longer than another month or so. I can't yet tell you what the final project will be, only that it is probably going to be my proudest piece of bike design yet. I am very excited about it.

To work with the non traditional bar set up, and to eliminate the main bitch I have about the Rohloff, I made my own shifter mount. It's a bit cobby right now, and a fillet brazed little number would be a hell of a lot clearner. However, for the use of a stem laying around, a junk handlebar, and two old energy drink cans, I am very happy with the result. I really hate the fact that grip shift tpe shifters take up part of your grip area, this solves that. I've also figured out how to route the gear cables for the new projects so that there will be no forward bend in the cabling at all. This should look aesthetically very clean, and will achieve maximum possible efficience for the cable runs.

Here's the business end. Gearing is 42X16, just higher than Rohloff's minimum. So far the low has been plenty low, and high end is very fine. A Rohloff chain keeper is going to be installed later today. The wheel is 2x laced with 14g spokes to a Gordo rim with brass nips. It should be plenty strong for the new application, and the tire volume and ride quality is stellar! The front wheel is unmatched, as it comes from another set. It shares the same rim and spokes, and has proved to be a killer SS set up. Light, hell no. They ride great though, and with fast rolling tires, I'm not put out by the addtional rotating mass.

Speaking of rotating mass. The SS 36er got a bit of a drive train change as well. Geaing was switched to a 33t X 23t White, and the crank is now a Stronglight square taper job. The chain was also beefed up a bit. With more chain wrap and a stouter chain, the prohibitive chain stretch the previous set up had should be gone altogether.

Here are some fall shots from last week.

Yup, it's as big a Smart Car. Quite a bit more practical IMO though. Those cars only get 30 mpg or so. How? My Civic gets well over that and is bigger, cheaper, and old. I still haven't figured that out.
Finally, here's a parting shot of a concept for the new bike. That's all you're getting. Cheers.


Stew said...

It looks like a Fokker DR-1 coming straight me!

Head Honcho said...

Holy crap. Now that's an update ben. Can't wait to see the 'project'. You know that. I'm already eyeing up parts to collect for it.

Anonymous said...

little engine, workin real hard