Friday, November 21, 2008

Rawland Elgoske

Sean dropped of a package to me yesterday for the prototype Drakkar. I've been fighting with the bar set up really since I first built the bike. Drops didn't quite do it, the mustache bars were just so so, etc. We got in a few sets of Prototype Elgoske bull moose bars a while ago, and Sean happened to have an extra set I could snag. What a difference in handling! With drops the bike felt kind of washy and not together. Swapping to these bars add a whole new level to the words stiff and stable. They have totally changed the ride quality of the bike. It's much easier to throw it around and control the rear end, especially fixed. Overall, I really like the aesthetics as well. The bike has a really short wheelbase for a 29er, and combined with the steep angles, (73 deg respectively,) it just carves through the woods. It has a very similar feeling to many early race oriented Mtb's I've ridden, and I love the short TT. It just feels so put together and predictable. Definitely a finesse bike, it is something one has to be on to ride. I don't find that to be a drawback in the slightest. Enjoy the pics, it's a beautiful day in Faribault today.

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jimmythefly said...

What's the Drakkar about? I haven't seen it mentioned before today. I've been riding Origin-8's Spacebar, a copy of the On-One Mary bar. Love 'em.