Tuesday, November 11, 2008


It's one of those fall days in MN today. The weather could not really be any worse in my opinion. Air temp is hovering around 36 deg or so, and it's pouring rain. Days like this just chill me, and it's hard to really stay warm once you're wet in this stuff. I was planning on taking a lunch ride to restock the larder at the shop, but I'm really debating it. I have the commuter Surly all done up in preparation for winter. This means the fenders are out in force, and the Brooks saddle has been removed. I have a great waterproof messenger bag, a big floppy rain hat, a good rain coat and gloves. Looking outside though, it may just be a day for soup from the coffee shop next door.

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Jesse S said...

Remember: there's no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. Get dressed and get 'er done!