Friday, November 07, 2008


We just received out first of a presumed many of the new straight Titec 31.8mm allow Jones bar. In short, they are awesome. The bar is the same as the ti ones, albeit at an 1/8th of the cost. Let us know if you want one, we'll have them in stock for the foreseeable future.


Goozen said...

We checked out the J-Bar Saturday, 11/8. What a great bar! They offer a couple more hand positions and will be just the thing for our bikes. We'll want two, Ben.

Ben said...

I'll have some more tomorrow. We'll want to check fit if they are going on your Trek's. The bars tend to move your main had position rearward, which may make your bikes fit a little short. You may like it, or you may need a slightly longer stem to compensate. It's an easy thing to check though.

TGooz said...

Hey Ben,
I mounted the new J-Bar this morning and discovered my rear brake line is now too short. Making left hand turns isn't a problem but trying the same to the right really makes the right brake line too taut.
Measuring the brake line I have about 51 inches currently and would probably need at least 54-55 inches to make it work. Never have had to futz with hydraulics before so I'll be looking to you for suggestions/guidance.
However, having the bar installed and then sitting on the bike the bars feel REALLY comfortable.