Friday, October 31, 2008

Long time coming, photo update.

It's been a while gang. Here's what's been going on around here.

Here are some of the pics from our gravel road ride with Rawland. We hope to have a lot more people next year, as frankly poor planning and last minute set up prevented us from getting the word out in time. Sean was coming off of Interbike, and I had just gotten married the weekend before, so I think it's allowed this once. Next year will be different, but we did have a blast, and the scenery and weather was perfect. Photo credits for all of these go to the amazing Mr Nassif, who rode farther than he thought possible that day!

This is a dropout design I've been kicking around. I really like the idea of post mount discs on the chain stay, both for purposeful and aesthetic reasons. This would allow most rear ends to take a disc mounted there, while making a nice flow from the seat stays to the axle. Designs have all been drawn up for machining, and I should have a few in the next few weeks. These may be going on a winter project I'm working on to test viability, then we'll see what happens.

These are some of the pictures from the two CX races we sponcered in Duluth this year. The whole weekend was the brainchild of Jake Boyce, to whom all credit goes for pulling this off. It was incredable. Saturday night's race was on a private lit CX ski course, suplimented by no less than 7 generators, party lights, and 3 boom light trailers. It was awesome, truely a new kind of CX race, and was recieved very well. We had the whole set up, camping on site, more free beer than we could drink, (we tried,) and a great bonfire to end the evening. It was a blast. Pardon the sketchy pictures. If anyone can do better standing at night with a point and shoot, they'd better come to the race next year!

These are from Sunday's race, held at a local private school. I've never seen a venue so excited to have a race there, or more willing to help in every way possible. It was really a rare thing, especially in MN this year, with so many long held races canceled due to adverse sentiments. This race was totally different than the night before. The night race was tight and enclosed, with many short hills all over the course. This course was nearly twice as far, with long sustained uphills and down. Wind was also a factor during parts of the course, as was the nearly 3 inches of rain that Duluth received Friday evening. Beautiful views were par for the course, Duluth being what it is. Overall, the weekend was a huge success. Thanks again to Jake for putting on such a great race series. We will be having the same races next year, and invite all to attend.

Overall, it's been the busiest month and a half in my life. In addition to these two races and the gravel ride, I was a best man in a best friend's wedding. I also got married myself! It's kind of crazy looking back at all of these events. Truth be told, all of them went as well as could be hoped for. It's been a blessed fall up here in MN, hopefully all of them go as well as this one. I will be posting up some of the bike projects that have been going on up here in the next few days. These include the Drakkar fixie Rawland final cut, the new S and S couplered Rohloff 29er, and mussing on projects stemming into this winter and beyond. Thanks for reading, take care,



Guitar Ted said...

Well, congrats on your wedding! And what a fall!

I'll be stopping in soon.......

Ben said...

Thanks Mark. I has probably been the best year of my life in many respects. I'm pretty grateful for it all.

Let me know when you'll be by. I'd love to show you around a little ride if possible.