Thursday, August 07, 2008


Actually it will look like this. Guesses as to the differences?


James said...

Bigger wheels, tires....29ers instead of 650B???

Longer, flatter stem

Black rims and cockpit instead of silver...

Jim W.

Guitar Ted said...

Ditto to what james said.

Ben said...

The bike as it sits in the shop does have black components and 29er tires installed! The bike clears Ignitors with about 3mm all around. I may be able to coax a bit more out of the frame in back, but that's about if for the fork.

I'm struck at the similarities between this bike and the stainless monster crossers that Bob Brown built for the Lalonde brothers. In terms of geometry and clearances they are very close, albeit this bike has a much taller headtube. I like the way it's shaping up thus far. Brakes and flack jacket cables are installed and tuned. The bike will get a full drivetrain tomorrow, and I'll have detailed pics then.

It was a super crazy day. Two full frame up builds with wheels from parts before 3pm! Time for bed. Cheers.