Friday, August 22, 2008

Rawland #2

The SS is on the way. This one will be lighter, cleaner, more old school, and classier. It will take a bit longer to get done, but will be worth it. Back to work. :)


jimmythefly said...

More questions from me RE: Rawland Vs. Poprad: How's the toe-overlap? How does the frame/fork weight compare on each? (Don't worry I don't just buy whatever is the lightest thing out there!) Thanks.

Ben said...

With the same cross tires on each bike, there is no toe overlap. With the large XR 2.25" on the front of the Rawland, there is about 1/2" of toe overlap at the extreme point. It's hardly noticable in my normal riding, so much so that the second Rawland will be sporting the same tire in the front.

Frame weight is maybe a half pound higher on the Rawland. This is because of the much taller head tube, and the step down in tubing to double butted cromo vs higher grade stuff on the Lemond. The fork is quite a bit heavier, due in large part to the tall steel steerer.

The frameset is probably a good 1.5 lbs heavier. If you want much more mud clearance, more room for big tires, or just a more capable off road ride, I think the Rawland has it. That's what made my decision anyway.