Saturday, July 26, 2008

July Thoughts

The month of July has flown by at an unbelievable rate. The bike race on the fourth consumed most of the first two weeks. After that, wedding plans, huge repair list at the shop, and riding for stress relief pretty much gets us to this point. Over all things have been going really well though. Here's the major highlights of the last few weeks.

The race:

The Crit went really well this year. We were really on top of a lot of the planning prior to the race, which made day of set up so much easier. We had the course closed and nearly ready to go at about 7 o'clock, almost 2 hours earlier than in years past. The race was a little lower attended than last year. For both spectators and participants, I think the long weekend and gas prices were factors. While we had fewer numbers of riders, most of these where in the more recreational classes. The larger races where the Cat 1,2s and the Womens open. We saw more people in these races than we ever have. There are talks going on with some large people in Northfield city politics and business. A lot of important have talked to me about how they can help make the race bigger and better, and how to promote Northfield as a cycling community and promote biking in general. This means big things. I hope to make next year, (consequently the 10th year,) the best it's ever been.

We've been doing quite a bit of riding lately, and I'm starting to finally feel like I'm in form. Hills are getting easier, and by eating fairly well and drinking less cervesa, I'm getting down to a reasonable weight. I've been riding SS MTB mostly, but have been doing some shorter road rides with my father. He's really started taking riding seriously, and it's been so much fun. It's truly a transformation to see my father, who's a professional mechanic by trade, in full spandex kicking ass on the road. I think he's finding that he's in better shape than he's given himself credit for, and he's been dishing out some pretty fast average speeds for me to contend with. It's been great to spend the time with him, and to share my love for riding.

Now for some bad news. I'd like you to take a minute to think of my beautiful Blackbuck. It's dead. The frame is toast. I don't even deserve it! I had it leaned up against the front display window, and a customer knocked it over. The bike fell, with the 36er SS on top of it, on a corner of a cinder block. The bike hit square on the center of the TT, landing a shot that left a 1/4" deep dent along the side of the TT. I'm sad. I've never broken a frame doing anything, riding of otherwise. Kind of feels like a kick to the head. I'll be getting another one of course, but it's a bite to have to buy a $500 frame for such a stupid reason. Oh well, it's only money right?


Guitar Ted said...

Ben, my condolences on the frame deal. Wat an akward deal to have have happen to you. I'm sorry.

However; hearing about the riding with your Dad is really inspiring and great news. Thanks for sharing that and tell him "Ride on!" from me, if you would.

Anonymous said...

We always new the 36er was waiting to crush anything in it's way.

Very cool about being able to ride with your dad. I toured down the Pacific Coast Hwy in California with my mom for a week a few years back, and it's a great shared experience to reflect on.


Anonymous said...

ouch...knew and its. I should preview.

Ben said...

Right you are! At least the 36er escaped unharmed, that's the much more expensive bike of the two. I hope to do a longer trip with my dad someday. Right now I'm pretty satisfied with how things are going. He told me the other day that the best day he's had in a long time was when we went for a morning ride in St Paul and had a great cafe breakfast afterward. That's enough for me to want to do this for a long time.