Saturday, February 16, 2008


Just an update from Frostbike day 1. We saw a lot of new and exciting stuff at the show today. Salsa's new line up is truely a tour de force this year, with promises of much more to come at Interbike this fall. It's hard to imagine what more can be coming, but it should be fun to watch. While they did not have any show models of their new big rim, the Gordo, they did have some examples on a bike. It is a hugely fun thing. On the same bike was my favorite item of the show, a 2009 sample fork from Rock Shox. It is a Maxle Thru axle Reba 29er, internally adjustable from 80-100-120mm! I'll post pics later, but it looks awesome.

More to come. Thanks.

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Stew said...

Yep, epic stuff. Hopefully tomorrow's visit will yeild more epic-ness. Rock&Roll. The list of links needs revising...