Thursday, February 14, 2008


Finally getting things rolling on the blog end for the shop. I've been meaning to start this for a long time. With recent actions on various message boards descending back to simpler high school days, it was clear that I needed to start this in earnest.

Hopefully this will become a place to stay current with what things are going on here in little downtown Faribault, (it really is spelled that way.) This will be a place to learn in depth about what we're doing, and also just to see some nice ride pictures and the like. That may be current topics such as new 36er tech, or just what beer is on tap for the evening.

More to come later. Welcome, and thanks for playing.


Guitar Ted said...

Ben: Thanks for the heads up.Like you said, this should be interesting. Very interesting.

Welcome to the "blog-o-sphere" :)

dicky said...

Looking forward to the 36'er stuff. I'm sure Mark has filled your ear with my recent over enthusiasm. Me and some other folks might end up bending your ear a bit.

Stew said...

I think you meant 'Faribo'. As a Northfield resident, I know the correct spelling.