Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Exciting news, and back to work.

After hunting around for the right time and place for the wedding, it's official, Meg and I are getting married on the 18th of October! It feels good to have the date now, and to have the locations set. Meg got her dress a few days ago, and just needs some slight alterations. We're planning on getting married at this little country church in the middle of gorgeous prairie restoration land, with the reception at the local ballroom. Both locations were a bit difficult, as we're planning the wedding to be small at 250-300 people, with the reception at 350-450! I have a huge family, and we both have a ton of friends that can come. We are both blessed that most of our family live well within driving distance.

After an exciting weekend of kicking tires and talking with folks at QBP, it's time to check back in to reality. Up on the list for today is a couple of wheel builds, a handle bar swap on a gravel road burner, shipping some savory bits off to customers, a new drivetrain for a nice DA Madone, and maybe some hot laps of the bike shop on the trailer puller, (new geared KM for commuting duty.)

On the to buy list for this summer is a trailer from these guys, Bikes at Work. Meg and I are planning some fairly large home projects this summer, both some large landscaping work, and sheet rocking and re insulating three rooms in our house. Northfield is about 3 miles across and mostly flat. I'm imagining hauling that 350 lbs of sheet rock, ply wood, fire wood, or mulch every day! What a tool for not only living green, but for actually practicality as well. We live less than 1 mile from Menard's, downtown Northfield, equipment rental stores, and the local compost site. That means self supported access to all the building supplies, free mulch and firewood, and equipment if needed. We don't own a car trailer, so many of these items are hard if not impossible to move easily. This should also be a huge help in particular for setting up the 4th of July Crit, where the whole of downtown is blocked off, and car travel is useless. I am thinking of getting a few extra hitch kits as well, and starting a rental type program. This may be a project to approach the local food coop on as well.

I heard from Aaron Pidde at Blonde Fabrications that my new super secret project is nearing completion. Stay tuned for some teaser shots and then it's off to paint. Aaron is also the builder of the third 36er that I know of. He is the guy who had it, and raced it at the Chequamegon Fat 40 this last fall. There are some fun pics of his bike at that website as well.


Guitar Ted said...

Congratulations, Ben and Meg! I am very happy for both of you.

I wish there was more time to spend with you at Frostbike, Ben. I was glad for the wee bit we did get in.

Squirrel said...

What Up my brutha!! Just found your bloggy....thanks again for those final beers at HFF! You know I never threw my leg of that big wheel rig....what a dumbass I am at times. I missed Frost bike due to working at the day job...next year for sure again...maybe we'll bump sometime in the near future.


Squirrel said...

Duh...you see what I mean....Congratulations on getting married too man!


Ben said...

It was good to see you there. I'll have the bikes, (I have two,) at the Big Wheeled Ballyhoo. You and the little lady should plan on coming to that. It's a blast, kid friendly for the most part too ;) Thanks for the killer pic. You like?

Thanks for the congrats guys, Meg and I are stoked.