Thursday, February 21, 2008

Do you want this guy fixing your bike?

Yeah, you really do. Brandon our main shop mech is back from the cold tundra that is Bemidji MN. He'll be here through the summer while he is in line for a internship at NASA. That's right, in a few years you maybe able to say that your bike has in fact been serviced by a rocket scientist. Before leaving school his last project was working on a team that built a working hovercraft from scratch. It's good to have him back.

This morning was also an eventful on at home. The missus and I woke up to several gallons of water seeming in under our bedroom wall from our neighbors condo. Not good. Turns out their water softener overflowed and their floor drain was plugged. We'll see how that turns out, but three doesn't seem to be any long term damage so far. Needless to say, I was not happy. Oh well, what do you do? A shop vac and some towels has most of it cleaned up. Hopefully that, the furnace turned up, the fans, and the dehumidifier will take care of the rest.

Here's the latest fun project, new tubular single speed wheels for the T 1. I've had some NOS 36h Mavic GP 4 tubular rims laying around for some years now. Since my go fast wheels are going on the new bike, I needed some wheels for the Trek. Hubs are some generic Dimension SS/Fixie hubs. I love these hubs for the money. They look pretty good, and the bearings are so smooth. I happened to have some DT Revolution spokes in the right length. Three cross lacing and alloy nips round out the build. These spokes would be light for most, but I'm really light on wheels. I have some sets of these and have run them for years with no issue. The last choice will be whether to run the lighter weight Bontrager tubies, or to run some comfy old NOS Vittoria Pave's that I have laying around. Should be fun. The hub for the rear will be in tomorrow.

That's all for now. Enjoy the nice weather this weekend. Cheers.


Will said...

Did I just read a working hovercraft? If that's not cool I'm not sure what is.

e said...
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