Friday, June 05, 2015

Demo Day at Trek HQ

Kris and I took a day off and headed to Trek Headquarters Wednesday for a demo day for Trek employees.  Trek has rented some land near their facility and hired a person to build some trails for them.  They have all type of trails from buff single track to jumps, gaps, features and even a little sand for KFC to ride her cyclocross bike on.  Great place for a design engineer to give a design concept a try. While out on the trail we ran into one of the engineers riding a soon to be released, or more accurately, a re-released mountain bike. 
Kris is in the market for a new bike as her current bike is six years old.  Plus, she really likes the 29” wheeled bikes she’s ridden in the past.  As she’s on the shorter side I wanted to see what she thought of the 650b wheel size.  She was able to get on a Fuel EX and Remedy in both the 29 inch and 650b.  Her current bike in 100mm so these 120mm and 140mm bikes soaked up the trail very nicely.  Both have Trek’s RE:aktiv  rear shock which makes their bikes an absolute joy to ride.
After making a few laps on the bikes she’s settled on the 29’er, just need to figure out which model as they both pedaled very nicely.  As with many women riders it might just come down to color choice.
They had a Boone 9 Disc there in my size so I took it out for a lap.  Made me wish I could redo my decision last year of going with the Domane over the Boone.  I love my Domane, but the Boone is just a nice and with two sets of wheels it can be both a road and gravel/cx bike.  Think that’s going to be next year’s bike purchase.
- Todd

Friday, May 15, 2015

Mallorca Ride Camp w/Trek Travel

Our deck at Reads Hotel, where we stayed for the whole week.

The pool was on the cool side, but felt good on the knees after a ride.

Roman aqueduct.

On the "rest day" Kris and I headed to Santuari de Cura, an old monastery.
It was a clear day so you could pretty much see the whole island; the plains of the south and
the Serra de Tramuntana mountains to the north.
Coming down from Santuari de Cura it was a right turn to Montuiri for... 
... a coke and a chorizo sandwich.

The lighthouse of Cap Formentor in the background.
We were fortunate to have fresh asphalt.  The way it sounded he old tarmac was terrible.

Lisa, one of the tour guides, working on my bike.
Haven't had that luxury for a long time.

Post ride refreshments.

We are on our way up the Puig Major climb, the second one of the day.  It's also the highest that we were on for the trip; 880 meters (2,900 ft) if I remember right.  Kris is pointing to the pass that we just came from.  
Getting some refreshments before we head down Sa Colabra.

Oh, wait, I guess I didn't really need anything for this descent...

... but some ice cream for the way back up sure was nice.

Catching up on Facebook before supper.
Our group of 12.
videoMany groups of riders throughout the island.


Thursday, April 09, 2015

Do I REALLY Want Winter Back???

Although we are just getting over winter and the grass is turning green Trek is releasing pre-order forms for their newly ramped-up Farleys. 5 Models this year, including a kid's 24". This new lineup is going to get everyone stoked to see the white stuff again!

Trek is determined & focused on making fat bikes for everyone!

Be Fat - Be Fast!

Wait...what?!? A new tire size? Yes, 26 x 5 for unconditioned trails and 27.5 x 4 for fast, groomed trails. All 5 models are setup to fit both sized tires. Bontrager will also introduce their carbon 27.5 wheelset, the Wampa, tubeless ready and weighing 2500 grams for the set.

Who says you can only have one best friend? Fun for the whole family with the new 24".

The 24" Farley is available in two colors.

So, do I really want winter back? No, not really...not quite yet anyways. Since the new Farley's won't be available until late summer/early fall we don't have to rush summer. However, this is a fair warning for you to be ready to get out and enjoy next winter...and winters to come!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Introducing the Flare R

The President of Trek Bicycles, John Burke, has a 44 mile work commute which includes four miles of heavy traffic.  He told his engineers he wanted a rear light that would get the attention of vehicle drivers during the day.  This is what they came up with.
The Flare R is a game changer, a powerful 65 Lumen tail light that was designed to be daylight visible and can make cycling safer. It’s an accessory that should be added to every bicycle that gets ridden on the road.
The Flare R achieves it attention getting light beam with 65 Lumens, balanced optics, and flash patterns that are optimized both in intensity and pattern for maximum visibility.
  • Balanced optics provide a focused beam ensuring visibility near and far - over 2km day or night.
  • Beam patterns are designed to draw attention for given conditions, day or night.
  • A balance of efficiency and power - 65 Lumens, USB rechargeable, and weighs just 36g.
The Flare R features four unique modes. Two for day use and two for night use.
  • Day Flash - Relies on powerful flashes of 65 Lumens strategically placed in an irregular flash pattern optimized for maximum visibility during the day – run time 5.75hrs
  • Day Steady - 5 Lumens of steady illumination great for group rides – run time 4.25 hrs
  • Night Flash - Irregular flash pattern complemented by short pops of increased intensity optimized for night time visibility– run time 23 hrs
  • Nighttime Steady - Provides 6 Lumens of steady light great for consistent night visibility – run time 21 hrs
·         80% of cycling accidents occur during the day
·         Most cycling fatalities occur during the day
·         40% of US cycling fatalities hit from behind, more than twice the amount than second place

With Mother’s Day and Father’s day just around the corner, show your loved one that you care about their safety.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

New Bike for the Summer

After much thought, Melissa ended up a couple of models higher than what she initially planned on. When she ordered the bike the weather was cold.  What timing; early spring has come to MN and her bike showed up.

She decided on Trek's women's endurance race bike, the Silque.  Carbon frame with Shimano's 105 11 speed.  Perfect bike for her 500 mile RAGBRAI ride this summer.  You've got 128 days from today, Melissa, to get ready!

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Carbon Beargrease Take 2

A couple weeks ago I borrowed Travis’ Beargrease under the guise of writing a review on it when what I really wanted to do was to re-ride the great trails in River Bend that I experienced the day before. 

Well, he left the bike at the shop again this past weekend.  In my review I mentioned that Kris had not ridden it yet.  Just so happens that the pedals that Travis uses are the ones that Kris uses.  I saw that as a sign that it’s Kris’ turn to ride the bike, right? 

Off we headed.  Kris usually likes it when I take the lead when we go for a ride.  But this time, when we hit the trails, she just took off.  It was fun following her as she sped down the trail.  I imagined that she liked the bike, despite the fact that it’s one size to big, because she was hitting every climb that she could find.  We rode as much that day as any other time out there.   

When we were done she said the only thing about the bike that she didn’t like were the wide bars.  The SRAM 1x works great and being 10 pounds lighter makes the trail fly by. 
I have to agree.   

I told her it was a great day, great bike, great trails, and great company.  Mission accomplished!  

She told me that I wasn’t fooling her in that my mission wasn’t to go for a ride.  It was to get her out there on that bike because I knew she’d like it and would want one for next winter.  That way I could get one too. 

Muuhwah haa ha.  Like I said, mission accomplished.  ;)  - Todd

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Many cool things at Frostbike. Just a couple of my “highlights”

The Bones Rack from Saris is a good rack for families that don’t have a trailer hitch or want to own one rack and move it from car to car.  In my opinion there has been some issues with its current design that keeps it from being a great rack.  It's hard to lock it to the car, can’t open the trunk/hatch while it’s on the car, the floppy straps, hard to snug it tight to the vehicle, cumbersome to readjust the angle of the arms; etc.  Not deal killers, just inconveniences.  Well, they pretty much addressed all those issues with their new Super Bones.  By the way, Saris is having a special for March, bring in your old rack (any brand) and receive 20% off any new rack from Saris.

The other thing I wanted to see was the Lauf Carbonara suspension fork.  Not only did I get to see it, QBP had it on a couple of their fat bikes so I got to ride it.  Unfortunately Kris and I weren’t dressed for a long test ride, but it was long enough to find out that we liked it.  Kris and I aren’t much for riding rigid mountain bikes in the summer so we park the Pugsleys in the garage when the snow melts.  Unlike last year’s Frostbike there wasn’t a whole lot of snowon the test track so we were able to test it out on dirt.  My first thought when I saw a picture of it a few months ago was how does it deal with rebound?  Very well, thank you; no pogo stick action at all. With 60 mm of travel it’s just enough to take the edge off of a rough trail.  And, at 1100 grams, it’s a pound and a half less than Rockshox’s Bluto - Todd

Friday, February 20, 2015

Rookie Mistake by the Boss

Travis left his Salsa Carbon 1 Beargrease at the shop this week. I took it out for a ride.

I’m not much for writing reviews and this will probably be one the more unusual ones that you will read. First some background. Kris, my wife, and I have stock Pugsley’s. Comfortable and very capable bikes, and with the few upgrades Surly did to them last year they’re a good bike. The one downside is that they are, well, heavy. Hence, my interest in wanting to get out on Travis’ bike.

Kris and I headed to River Bend for a short ride. As you might expect, the first thing I noticed was the lightness (about 10 lbs less than mine) of the bike, and how when I pushed on the pedals the bike got down the trail quicker and with much less effort when going uphill.

When we got back into the truck to go home Kris turns to me and says “You can’t buy one.” I’ve never mentioned to her that I wanted one so I asked why she said that. She said if I did I’d be riding alone because she wouldn’t go riding with me. She said it was too hard for her trying keep up with me. Just by looking at me she said she could tell how effortlessly I was riding compared to her.

So there you have it. Take it from my wife (who’s never ridden one), if you want a fast ride get a Carbon Beargrease. Just be prepared to buy one for the significant other too - Todd

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Salsa Rattler Belt Buckle Give Away

A few days ago Salsa released this beauty! A 3"x4" belt buckle that displays quite a scenery. Put this baby on you'll be saying "hey, eyes up here!"Well, this baby is so sweet we've decided to give one away. This lucky person would have to purchase any new Salsa bike from us in January or February. We'll hold a random drawing on Monday, March 2nd so be sure to get into the shop and make your purchase by February 28th!

If you don't wear belt buckles, consider this a medal or trophy?!? Good luck!

Monday, February 02, 2015

2015 Trek Emonda SL 6

I got the chance to shoot a couple photos of the new Emonda SL 6. We've actually had three special orders for the SL 6 in the last two weeks. Makes me believe that last week's warm-up got some people thinking about summer.

Matte black finish on the SL 6 (viper red also available) is subtle & sleek.

Stock SL 6 weighed in at about 16lbs. Is light the new aero?

The gloss block embossment of the TREK brand logo definitely not loud.

The Paradigm Race saddle comes stock and has gotten a lot of compliments since conception.

Dura-Ace 11 speed is smooth as butter.

The 2015 Trek Emonda has been featured in many articles with rave reviews about the ride. Most of the articles feature the high-end version, which holds a hefty price tag of over $15,000, but you can get into a carbon framed-Emonda at around $1400. Come see if "light is the new fast".

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2014 Salsa Bikes On Sale!

Last week Salsa let us in on a deal that would give us the opportunity to get some overstock 2014's. These are all brand new but at great prices! Nothing has really changed on them going into 2015, just the color schemes. Here's a glimpse of what we have.

We have a few Spearfish, a Horsethief XX1, a couple Colossal's, & El Marriachi. All at least 32% off. We'll get more pics up as we finish building them. If you're curious to see what we have or what we can get, give us a call or send us an email.